Train Tours in Spain
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Luxury Train from Barcelona to Seville while visiting North of Spain and Western Spain: This is a true luxury train trip that crosses all over Spaoin

Highlights :

  • About 2000 Km luxury train ride connecting Barcelona to Santiago de Compostela and continuing to Seville
  • Travel along the famous Camino de Santiago
  • Visit the famous winery in La Rioja
  • Visit the Museum of Human Evolution in Atapuerca.
  • Visit Santiago de Compostela and Cathedral
  • Experience the famous gastronomy of Northern Spain
  • See the famous Roman Aqueducts, and other Roman architectures in Merida
  • Visit the walled city of Merida
  • End your tour in the heart of Southern Spain – in Seville

No Packing – Unpacking as you travel through Spain into Portugal and visit different sites every day.

Travelers in USA (including Puerto Rico), Canada : Buy Now and Pay in upto 24 Months option available for qualifying guests. Contact us for details.

Day 1 – Journey begins in Barcelona continuing to Zaragoza

Cities covered : Barcelona ,  Zaragoza

10:00 am meeting in the hotel reception area. This is the perfect time to know each other as everyone will be traveling together for the coming week.

Prior to departure, enjoy a panoramic tour of Barcelona. Barcelona is famous for its stunning architecture, lively nightlife, sandy beaches, and world-class cuisine, vibrant cultural heritage and colorful neighborhood festivals that attract visitors from around the world.

Lunch is served on board as the train heads towards its first stop Zaragoza, Spain`s 5th largest city.  Zaragoza has a lot to offer to visitors, from fascinating museums to grand cathedrals and fortresses. Visit the beautiful Plaza del Pilar, home to many such as the Basilica de Neustra Senora del Pilar and Palacio de la Alfajería, a magnificent fortification dating back to the 11th century.

Free time.

Dinner and overnight on board the Al Andalus Luxury Train in Zaragoza.


Day 2 – Visit La Rioja – Marques de Riscal winery and Burgos

Cities covered : Logroño ,  Zaragoza ,  Burgos

Breakfast on board while the train arrives in Logroño. Transfer to Elciego (Eltziego) where we will visit the famous winery Bodega del Marques de Riscal, known for its spectacular forms and skyline. Learn Wine making process followed by wine tasting and sightseeing at its incredible hotel. This stunning XXI Century Chateau was designed by the internationally renowned architect Frank Gehry and this is a true masterpiece with a great location at “The City of Wine,”

Lunch on board as the train travels to Burgos, named the “City of Gastronomy” by UNESCO.

Burgos sightseeing tour. Visiting the ancient Gothic Cathedral, which is the resting place of a famous Spanish knight.

Free time in the afternoon, allowing guests to delve deeper into Burgos’s history.

Dinner and overnight in Burgos.

Marques de Riscal

Marques de Riscal Winery

Zaragoza – El Pilar

Day 3 – Visit Atapuerca Museum of Human Evolution; Day tour of Leon and travel to Santiago

Cities covered : Burgos ,  Astorga

Breakfast on board the train. Morning visit the unique Museum of Human Evolution, UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. The collections include more than 200 original fossils.

A delicious lunch on board as the train transfers to Astorga, which is famous for its rich medieval legacy and special location. It is situated at the crossroad of the pilgrim routes Camino de Santiago and Ruta de la Plata (Silver Road).

Free Time

Dinner and overnight in Astroga



Day 4 – Leon and Monforte de Lemos

Cities covered : León ,  Monforte de Lemos

Breakfast on board.

Sightseeing tour of Astroga and the city of Leon.

Visit to the famous Cathedral of Léon,  Romanesque 10th-century Basílica de San Isidoro.

Lunch on board as the train transfers guests to Monforte de Lemos, home to the Ribeiro Sacra aka Sacred Shore with amazing stairs at the entrance, the beautiful cloisters and the El Greco’s paintings that hosts. The village of Monforte de Lemos is surrounded by other nice villages of the Ribeira Sacra.

Today’s main activity is sailing down the Sil River in a Catamaran, which provides breathtaking views of Galicia`s natural world and hundreds of hillsides covered in grapes, waiting to be turned into wine.

Discover exquisite winery with the local winemaking traditions.

Dinner and overnight in Monforte de Lemos.


Leon, Spain

Monforte de Lemos

Day 5 – Visit Santiago de Compostela and travel to Ourense

Cities covered : Santiago de Compostela ,  Ourense

We will arrive at Santiago de Compostela by 10:00 AM. We will have a tour of Santiago and later as we will travel to Ourense in our luxury train, we will have lunch.

Our visit to Ourense will include a tour of the town. Depending on time we might get a chance to experience the hot springs.

We will have dinner in Ourense and the train will be stationed in case guests would like to enjoy their time in town.

Hot Springs

Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela

Accommodations on Board

Al Andalus has a total of 32 suites consisting of 12 Gran Clase Suites and 20 Deluxe Suites, all of which have separate air conditioners. During the day, the beds fold into comfortable couches converting the suites into private lounges. Additionally, the highly trained train crew is available at your service 24 hours a day to assist you with all your needs. There are 7 cars in the train for guest rooms. The first five cars that are closest to the lounge and other public area cars are with Deluxe Suites with matrimonial beds. There are four suite Deluxe in each of these train cars.  The following two cars have the Suite Gran Clase with 6 such rooms in each car. To facilitate a good night’s rest for our passengers, the train will remain parked at a station during the night.

Suite Gran Clase Rooms

suite standard01_25
There are two train cars with Suite Gran Clase. Each of this train car has 6 such rooms with a total of 12 Gran Clase rooms on the train. The suite has two TWIN beds that fold to make a sofa. The configuration is in an L design. Facilities: • Accommodation in the train. • The best food in dinners and lunches at top restaurants or on the train (including wine, coffee and spirits). • Breakfasts with buffet and menu. • Music and entertainment in the Pub coach. • Programmed excursions with entrance to museums, cathedrals, cloisters, etc. • Luxury coach accompanying the train all the way. • Daily newspapers and magazines. • Permanent security service. • Multilingual guide throughout the tour. • An excellent team at your disposal.

Suite Deluxe

Facilities In a  Suite Deluxe: Everything included in the Suite Gran Clase plus: • Accommodation in Deluxe Suite on the train. • Option of enjoying two private dinners/lunches in your compartment. • All non-alcoholic beverages requested at any time throughout the trip. • Transfers: including two Renfe transfers, one to take you to the starting point of the tour and another one to take you back from the end point of the tour.

Lounges and Common Areas on board

The Al Andalus train is the largest tourist train in the world and boasts of its four railway gems – the spacious and exquisite lounge cars. For the duration of your journey, the Al Andalus will become your living room, your transportation, your meeting place, your bar, your bedroom: a hotel on wheels in which you sleep and wake up in a different place every day. The landscape passing by the window of your suite or the lounge where you are having a coffee is never the same. That simple fact makes the trip itself unique and unlike any other experience. © 2014 ALBERTO G. PURAS ALL RIGHTS RESERVED to contact: // TEL-0034 686157820. No commercial use is permited, no copy, frame, modify, transmit or distribute without write consent of the copyright owner. Enjoy a delicious buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner in the restaurant car.  After dinner hours, evenings are full of entertainment. Every night is party night on the Al Andalus, with various live performances programmed throughout the trip. Given the length of the train, these will not inconvenience those who prefer retiring earlier to the privacy of their suite. You can also choose to have a quiet drink on one of the other saloon cars, or go for a stroll in whichever town we are spending the night. The train will remain parked at the station until the next morning.  

Inclusions & Exclusions

Your tour price includes:
  • Ensuite rooms on board the luxurious Al Andalus train
  • A la carte and buffet breakfasts every day.
  • All dinners and lunches, with the finest cuisine aboard the train or in top restaurants (including wine, water, soft drinks and coffee).
  • Welcome drink and snack. Farewell dinner – gala party.
  • Traveling toiletries bag courtesy of Renfe Viajeros (with amenities and slippers).
  • Free mineral water available in the cabin’s minibar.
  • Activities on board: music and live performances, parties in the pub car, show cooking and cocktails, dancing, etc.
  • Tickets to museums, attractions and shows.
  • Excursions and scheduled tours.
  • Luxury coach accompanying the train along the trip.
  • Renfe train tickets with a 50% discount: one to the starting point and the other back from the end of the tourist trip.
  • Taxes and services.
  • Daily newspapers and magazines.
  • Security service.
  • Multilingual guide throughout the tour.
  • Excellent crew available (Expedition Leader, guide, waiters, cooks, technicians, etc).
Your tour price does NOT include:
  • Domestic or international airfare
  • Travel insurance or visa fees
  • Items of a personal nature, such as laundry and souvenirs
  • Any additional hotel accommodations pre- or post-tour
  • Any items not specifically mentioned as “included”

Travel Tips

When should I plan to arrive ? We recommend arriving at least 1 day prior to your tour so that you may acclimate and relax prior to embarking on your exciting rail journey. Instructions regarding the starting point of the journey will be printed on your travel voucher. How much should I expect to tip? Tipping is not mandatory, and is left to the sole discretion of the traveler. This is a decision that should be made based on your enjoyment of the journey and the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 . What are the passport/visa requirements for travel to Spain? Please ensure that your passport has at least three blank pages and that it is valid for at least six months beyond your departure date from Spain. Please check with your local embassy regarding visa requirements.
2 . What does my trip include? In Standard Suite: • Accommodation in Standard Suite compartment on the train. • The best food in dinners and lunches at top restaurants or on the train (including wine, coffee and spirits). • Breakfasts with buffet and menu. • Music and entertainment in the Pub coach. • Programmed excursions with entrance to museums, cathedrals, cloisters, etc. • Luxury coach accompanying the train all the way. • Daily newspapers and magazines. • Permanent security service. • Multilingual guide throughout the tour. • An excellent team at your disposal.In Superior Suite: Everything included in the Standard Suite plus: • Accommodation in Superior Suite on the train. • Option of enjoying two private dinners/lunches in your compartment. • All non-alcoholic beverages requested at any time throughout the trip. • Transfers: including two Renfe transfers, one to take you to the starting point of the tour and another one to take you back from the end point of the tour.
3 . Is there a dress code on the train? The dress code is Casual, although you may dress up for dinner if you would like. We suggest packing comfortable walking shoes and layers of clothing, since the temperatures do fluctuate from day to night.
4 . What kind of meals are provided on this tour? Here is a sample menu:Appetizer: "Remojon Granadino" Salad served with cinnamon vinaigrette Main Course: Pork sirloin grilled in mozarabic sauce with crispy aubergine fingers Dessert: Sacromonte cakeThis is a plated dinner menu provided by the San Nicolas restaurant, which overlooks the Alhambra. If you have special dietary needs, please notify your travel agent when making booking arrangements.
5 . Will I have internet connection on the train? The Al Andalus train does have wifi in the lounge of the train, although the signal is not strong and may not reach outside of the lounge car.  (The signal is also best when the train is stationed.) You may use the computer in the lounge provided for guests' convenience, or you may connect to the train's wifi using your personal laptop, tablet or device.
6 . How big are the suites? A standard suite is 6.72m2. A superior suite is 8.4m2
7 . What size are the beds in the suites? The size of the bed is dependent on the type of suite you reserve.Standard Suite with 2 beds will contain (1) bed that is 0.80 x 1.9 m and (1) bed that is 0.70 x 1.8 m The superior suite has one double/matrimonial bed that is 1.5 x 1.9 m If your suite has one extra bed, it is 0.70 x 1.8 m
8 . What is the difference between a Standard and Superior Suite? The Superior Suites are spacious and elegant and combine the comforts of the 21st century with the original appearance of this historic train.Features:Ample space distributed into a bedroom and bathroom. Two meter long double bed which can be turned into a sofa during the day. Possibility of adding an extra bed for a third passenger. Equipped with safe, varied minibar, wardrobe, luggage rack and climate control. Comfortable and spacious bathroom, with hairdryer and a varied set of welcome items. The Standard Suite is a charming room, which retains the dimensions and Belle Epoque charm of the original compartments.Features: A bedroom and bathroom layout. Two single beds which can be turned into armchairs during the day. Equipped with small minibar, safe, wardrobe, luggage rack and climate control. Functional bathroom, with maximum use of its space, equipped with shower and a hairdryer.
9 . I am a US Citizen. Do I need a visa to go to Spain? No. Citizens of the United States do not need a visa for Spain. All other nationalities should check with the local Spanish consulate for Visa requirements. Palace Tours does not provide Visa service.
10 . How many travelers can fit in each room? In a deluxe room, two people can sleep comfortably. If you need more room, you may upgrade to a suite to comfortably service three people. This option is especially attractive to parents travelling with a child. If you are travelling with more than one child or more than three people, you will need to reserve two rooms.
11 . Are the cities wheelchair accessible? Yes, they are. Many cities have cobblestone streets and the person with the wheelchair would need someone who is able to help them on these more difficult streets. The monuments are wheelchair accessible, but many do not have elevators and if there is a floor higher than ground level it may not be accessible.
12 . Is the cuisine in Spain dietary restriction friendly? Spanish cuisine’s staples are often ham, seafood, and wheat products. While being a vegetarian in Spain is not easy, it is doable! One classic dish from Spain is the Spanish omelets, which is made with eggs and potatoes. Now vegetarian restaurants are popping up all over Spain to accommodate more people. You can find other classic dishes made without meat, such as paella and cocido. Before ordering a drink in Andalucia, where a complimentary tapa is customary, be sure to mention any dietary restrictions you may have.
13 . What type of clothes should we pack? This depends on the time of year you are going. All year long we suggest packing comfortable walking shoes, and in the spring and fall to wear layers. In those seasons it’s often chilly in the morning and warm in the afternoon sun. Sunglasses are recommended as well, as the sun in Spain is very strong.
14 . Is it customary to tip people in Spain? While the tipping culture is nothing like the United States, it is typical to tip a euro or two at a restaurant if you are a) a large group of people dining, or b) you really loved the service and the restaurant!

Day 6 – Avila and Merida – Medieval Cities

Cities covered : Avila ,  Merida

While we have breakfast the train will arrive in Ávila, the famous walled city in Spain. A walking tour of Avila will provide a great , visit of this walled city will be followed by lunch.Later in the afternoon with the train we will arrive in Mérida where we will find famous Roman art and architecture.

The train will station in Merida where we will enjoy our night last night on the train with a farewell party.

Avila – the Walled City



Day 7 – Tour of Merida and Seville

Cities covered : Merida

Today we have a tour of Merida scheduled after our breakfast on board.

As we have lunch on board the train we will arrive in Seville where our tour will end.

For the guests booked before August 30, 2022 we will transfer to hotel and provide an overnight stay in Seville. Next day for these guests will enjoy a tour of Seville.

Photo Gallery

Plaza de Espana (Spain square) in Seville, Andalusia
Plaza de Espana (Spain square) in Seville, Andalusia
El Pilar in Zaragoza
El Pilar in Zaragoza
End your tour in Porto
End your tour in Porto
La Rioja Region in Spain
La Rioja Region in Spain
Gothic Cathedral at Burgos
Gothic Cathedral at Burgos
Santiago de Compostela
Santiago de Compostela